I love words: reading them, writing them, crafting and fine-tuning them. 

I also love food. I am fascinated by the deeper cultural and historical significance of food, and the importance of eating with intention and gathering around the table. Oftentimes, I use food as a vehicle to write about life.

I write personal essays, creative nonfiction, and a myriad of articles, oftentimes focused on food and culture. I muse on slow living and sustainability. Most importantly, I write with inspiration from the magic I find in everyday moments and ordinary people. 

I'm a gastronaut, a student of le langue francais, a lover of vintage rock 'n roll, early rhythm & blues, and traditional country-western music. I'm an old soul, a city dweller, and a veritable flâneuse through and through. All of these elements are ingrained into my very being and have an immense impact on my writing. 

That toddlin' town on the right is Chicago, IL, where my runs root deep and where I am based. 

If you would like to work together on a project, please contact me. 

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